Fandi’s Son Ranked in World Football Top 40

Fandi’s Son Irfan named one of the top emerging talents in Football.

Singapore’s golden son and current coach for the Lions XII has been a great contributor to Singapore’s football scene. Having been a big part of the national team, Fandi has achieved much through his professional career. Despite hanging up his boots he’s still hung on to his football roots and coaching, his footballing legacy lives on through his sons.


Irfan Fandi was grouped with 39 other talented youngsters as the next generation of football talents, placing him in a similar category as players from English based teams such as Chelsea FC and Everton FC. The talents were all of the same age and came from various corners of the globe, with five other players in the list coming from Asia.

Irfan the eldest of Fandi’s children at the age of 17 has had a footballing education that surpasses any of his peers in Singapore. Having had training stints in Europe and currently in Chile, he has had the opportunity to train with a variety of players that might give him the edge and push him to develop his talent further.









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