The Farewell of Mr Evergreen, Aleksander Duric

Aleksander Duric, Singapore’s favourite adopted footballing son, bids a fond farewell to a lengthy career with a heartfelt letter.


At the young age of 44, Aleksander Duric will finally be having his last kick of the ball at a professional level. Having landed in Singapore back in 1999, Duric’s first club was Tanjong Pagar FC. To those that have never seen this localized Ang Moh play, I assure you that he’s a model professional and a good footballer probably one of the best who’ve pulled on our colours.


Duric received his full citizenship in 2007, eight years after he first started playing in the S-League. Being 37 years old at that time didn’t stop him from being called up to the national team and it surely wasn’t too late either. Duric is certainly an evergreen retaining the same level of fitness, sharpness and energy as most of the players 10 years younger than him. He contributed immensely to the national team with his goals, but beyond that you could tell he loved the country not just for the sport.

Duric intends to give back to the nation and help build a future for football beginning with the youth. Despite having two children of his own, Duric also has an adopted son. He has dreams of helping young South-East Asian kids turn a dream of playing professional football a possibility.


His letter was heartfelt, and everyone could tell he would still be involved in our nation’s footballing journey be it as a fan in the stands or at another capacity. If Duric does shed a few tears at his final game on Friday, we’re pretty sure he won’t be doing it alone.

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