Wah, we got online wet market wor!

Who needs a wet market when you have your fishmonger on Facebook!


So many of us do our shopping online these days; clothes, accessories, gadgets…fresh produce? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you’re in need of a freshly caught Seabass for dinner and all you had to do was log on to Facebook and place your order?

You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that you can!

As fishy as it sounds, you can browse for fresh seafood without having to leave the comfort of your home or put up with the fragrance of a wet market. Ah Hua Kelong, a fish farm located somewhere in Loyang has a Facebook account with constant updates telling the 18 thousand Singaporeans who’ve liked them what’s available in real time.


These chaps, catch their fish fresh along the straits and then sell the haul, posting the catch for the day up on Facebook along with the individual prices. Judging from the feedback they get from the public they do seem to be genuinely nice people with a real penchant for wanting to please their customers.






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