He Murdered and Cooked his Transexual Wife

Grisly end to what was perceived as a loving relationship.

The murder-suicide as it’s been called has taken the internet by storm when a police chase came to a brutal end when chef Marcus Peter Volke took his own life with a knife to his throat.


Volke who had earlier dismembered and boiled the remains of his wife Mayang Prasetyo a transexual known to be a high-class escort. The murders have baffled people close to them, whom have identified the couple as a loving one and without any hints of cracks in the relationship.

The Volkes had gotten married late last year and recently settled in Brisbane where the murder took place. Police aren’t sure what led to the murder. Ms Prasetyo had previously advertised her services online when she was in London, and more recently when she was in Brisbane. It isn’t sure if the advertisements had anything to do with her demise but it could have had it’s implications.



The murders bring to mind other sad events that have taken place in Singapore as well, with the Kallang body parts murder sitting at the top.

June 2005

The murder began as an affair that turned into a scam and eventually Ms Liu’s (victim) demise. Leong who was charged with the murder, had taken her ATM card and made withdrawals of up to $2000 at various locations. Unaware that Leong had stolen from her, Ms Liu lodged a police report and confided in Leong, which presumably led to Leong’s panic and Ms Liu’s death.


Leong then dismembered her and distributed the evidence throughout various parts of Singapore, and dumped her body in the Singapore river where it resurfaced later. Leong was sentenced to death with a plea for clemency denied by former President S.R Nathan.

June 2014

More recently, two Pakistanis were brought in as suspects when a legless body was found in an abandoned luggage in Syed Alwi. The legs were then discovered in a separate luggage in a muslim cemetery in Jalan Kubor. The victim was said to be a 59 year old Pakistani here on a social pass similar to the two suspects.

The police nabbed the suspects in a span of six hours when they canvassed the area and with the help of residents were able to locate the duo in a tourist’s lodge close to the crime scene. Despite the lack of public conclusion, evidence seem to point to the two suspects and a murder verdict.


All said murders involve the murderers trying to dispose of the victims body in gruesome fashion, dismembering and splitting it up to try and avoid detection. Why choose to dismember someone? We’d never know.





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