Hear the Kallang Roar!

In what can be described as knee-jerk reaction to the outcry over the Sports Hub sandy pitch, the Sport Hub will push back some of its events to allow the grass at the pitch to grow right in preparation of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup on 23 Nov.

While this has angered some fans waiting to see Jay Chou, I could see why this has to be done.

In many Singaporeans’ hearts, the Kallang Roar is still etched deep in our memories and hearts, and symbolic of the Singapore soul.

Looking at the sad sandy pitch at the place where it used to be the pride and soul of Singapore, we feel indignant. The underlying sentiment is simple:

“In your haste to look after the bottomline, you neglected something as basic and organic as growing grass well.  How will you begin to understand, nurture and cherish our national spirit?”

What more, the guy explaining why grass is not growing well is an ang-moh Mr Gillin, who says the grass is a hybrid of natural grass reinforced with artificial fibre.

I mean, after years of being Garden City, how can the grass at Sports Hub be so foreign to us?… They should get locals to teach them!

So it’s no surprise that Singapore footballer Baihakki Khaizan in a poignant Instagram post struck a raw nerve in many, describing the new Sports Hub as “don’t seem to know your priorities”. This led to an uproar in the internet world.

But hang on, doesn’t this sound like echos of the Kallang Roar itself?  No doubt, we are not roaring physically at the stadium.  But we are definitely roaring.

And I’m secretly proud of ourselves. It’s not every day that we see Singaporeans express such raw emotion.

Who says the Kallang Roar is gone?  Be warned.  You trample on the LION (and don’t know how to get grass right in Garden City Singapore), we will ROAR.








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