Here’s why you can’t trust politicians…


This why it is so hard for people to trust election promises. Case in point, here’s the leader of the British Liberal Democrats making a strong, very strong, very very strong statement on “broken promises”.

After the elections however, the Liberal Democrats realised they couldn’t keep some of their promises. So they came up with an eye rolling apology.

The difficulty in politics is, when politicians actually do get into office, they know that they would have tremendous difficulty dealing with the actual government. It doesn’t matter if they’re the ruling party or not, it is one Minister against several hundred thousand civil servants. You couldn’t just dictate policies the way you like it, especially when organisations before you have already proven that some policies just aren’t meant to be changed.

What’s the point for Singaporean readers? You can vote whoever you want to vote – we’re free to do that. But it would be rather silly if the party you vote in continues to do whatever the previous administration was doing. Not only is that disheartening, it creates distrust between all manner of politicians and the electorate.

Elections should be more than just an emotional tug-of-war, unfortunately it is the way it is and politicians will always be making promises they are unable to keep.

Here’s a remixed version of the Liberal Democrat’s apology, pretty funny lol…







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