Lim Kay Tong look like Lee Kuan Yew meh?


Check it out: Lim Kay Tong… Lee Kuan Yew, both got same first initials sia! (LKY & LKT) But apart from that, do they really look like each other?



No leh…

If Lim Kay Tong were to have an A-list counterpart, he’d probably be Morgan Freeman. Looks like, but still far from it.

Anyway, the fella still makes for a good actor. Have a look at Lim’s IMDB page, pretty good credentials…

photo credits: IMDB

His impressive portfolio extends from theater to television and movies.

If you can’t remember, he’s the family patriarch Charlie from Growing Up. If you don’t remember Growing Up, you haven’t grown up enough yet.


His most outstanding performance to date was probably in the movie Perth, which tackled the issue of (wait for it…)  immigration.

Oh yeah, he also received high praise for his performance and is no surprise to having been named one of Singapore’s most accomplished actors.

So when it was announced today the Lim Kay tong would be playing Lee Kuan Yew, I though to myself: “This isn’t news, it’s destiny”

But please, more make-up to make him look more like the grand daddy of Singapore.






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