Live Crocodile in Chinese Restaurant

Have you ever tripped over your own food? No I did not make a typo, you read that right.

I’ve been to seafood restaurants where they showcase their live seafood so I can mock them as I tuck into their brethren, I’m pretty sure you have too. It’s a very morbid affair really but it’s something we’ve all put behind us because seafood is delicious, unless you’re vegeterian, vegan or allergic in which case you’re sorely missing out.


The point is, restaurants do this to display the freshness of the dish, entice customers to the restaurant and also I believe to add a sense of serenity to the restaurant (the light music and the aquariums make me feel quite comfortable). A restaurant in Guangzhou China on the other hand has upped the ante by letting loose live crocodiles in their restaurant; free to roam as they please, hissing and swishing their tails no doubt as they try to avoid being stepped on.

The crocodiles are believed to be an advertising ploy to attract customers it could do the opposite in fact. Most people however don’t really notice the crocodiles at all as they’re mostly on their phones and also because of how still the crocodiles probably lie as they’re cold blooded and rarely move all that much to conserve energy. Before you yell murder, the restaurant has put together some sort of safety measure by taping shut the mouths of the crocodiles, so the crocodiles won’t be doing any dining in the restaurant. Their tails on the other hand can still be quite a powerful force.

photo credits: @randyolson, National Geographic

We all know Chinese cuisine can sometimes be a little overwhelming, there are somethings that are eaten in China that the rest of the world may find taboo and off putting, dogs for example are one. Crocodiles and alligators on the other hand aren’t as much a taboo. Tribes in certain parts of Africa would eat a croc if they catch one as sustenance is key to survival, even Americans living in and about the swamplands of the south indulge in it. In areas where crocodiles aren’t as common found as others, their meat can fetch quite a high price. Add that in with the belief that these exotic meats have the power to cure coughs and keep cancer away, it becomes a highly sought after protein amongst the super rich in China.


Personally I’d consider myself an adventurous guy when it comes to food, but perhaps an animal that lived during the time of the dinosaurs might not be a good idea for a snack.








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