Luring young boys with video games and trading cards

59 year old, Loh Kowk enticed primary school boys with the promise of video games and trading cards to take advantage of them.

Loh who was diagnosed with pedophilia by the Institute of Mental Health took advantage of the innocence of five young boys who attended a primary school around his neighbourhood. His first victim was a ten year old whom he silenced with gifts.


Loh clearly had a mental illness  and was not sated by what he did with the boy going so far as to lure the younger brother who was only seven years old. He obviously had it all planned out, making use of popular items to tempt the boys into performing lewd acts in exchange for their silence. With none of the boys reporting on Loh probably out of fear, shame or reward, Loh was free to further spread out and harm more children using the same techniques.

trading cards

When Loh was finally apprehended and Prosecuted, the District Judge was urged by prosecutors to sentence him to a not so hefty 12 years in prison for the lack of ability and unwillingness to control himself and his urges. Loh pleaded for leniency, stating that he was a caregiver to his sister and showed remorse and apologised for what he had done.

It is clearly unsafe for this man to be in public or to be a trusted member of society after he clearly masterminded the whole ordeal. His actions will not only hurt him and the people he cares for but especially the victims whose innocence he has robbed them off.

The hope is that the boys are receiving appropriate counsel and advice to help them proceed from the trauma of the ordeal. In essence the boys may not have known that what they were doing were inappropriate, now marred by a man who clearly was unwilling or unable to be a normal member of society.







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