MSF launches romance killing “marriage preparation course” for “transnational couples”


Yes, those of you with a foreign spouse… you are now known as a “transnational couple”.

3 in 10 marriages in Singapore today involve a foreign spouse. 10 years ago, marriages between Singaporean and a foreigner accounted only for one in five marriages.

Concerned that these transnational marriages would face more challenges, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) introduces programmes for pre- and post-marital programmes that will cover immigration, job, housing and money issues for such couples.


“In terms of upstream measures, we will see how we can give these transnational couples greater clarity on the foreign spouse’s likely eligibility for long-term stay, prior to marriage.” said Minister for MSF Chan Chun Sing.



Foreign spouses are not automatically granted Singapore residency or citizenship upon marriage.

“We will also introduce marriage preparation programme. These will help minimise mismatch in expectations and enable the couple to better play the future together” said the Minister.

If you’re interested in these very romance killing courses, you’ll be pleased to know that they first commence at Family Service Centers run by Fei Yue Community Services and Care Corner.

Then again, reality isn’t very romantic so why not give it a chance?







  1. Better to kill the marriage upfront… than to get married hastily and find a host of romance-killing issues and roadblocks by society and immigration rules.

    “Marry in haste, repent at leisure”… as the old saying goes.

    Such a course will be helpful.

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