NTUC clearly hates Mondays. Here’s why.


Because it’s the beginning of the work week, NTUC and their social enterprises are making it a little more delightful for our Pioneer Generation.

Starting on Monday the 13th (must be a frightening day for them) in October, they’re kick starting what they call “Pioneer Mondays”. Each Monday, pioneers would receive a 3% discount whilst shopping at Fairprice, 12% discount at Foodfare and a 6.5% discount when they shop at Unity pharmacies.

On top of these discounts, Fairprice supermarkets will have designated priority queues and Foodfare food courts would get priority seats reserved for them.

Talking about Monday’s and seniors, here’s something else you might want to know:

NTUC (the main union one, not the insurance, not the supermarket) had been lobbying for retirement ages to be lifted to 67. This is to prevent employers from prematurely terminating employment contracts when a person turns 62/65.

In case you’re interested in why there’s so much interest in empowering people to work beyond 65 IF THEY WANT TO, you might want to read this interesting Bertha Henson article here: http://berthahenson.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/chatting-with-heng-chee-how/

Anyway, back to the discounts – pioneers only hor. The rest of you all get back into line and pay like everyone else.






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