NUS Device Goes up in Flames Along With NASA Rocket

Proud anticipation turns to dread as a rocket carrying an NUS built device ends in smoke.

After 10 months of research their efforts spent in a laboratory in the National University of Singapore to test if entangled light particles can be produced in space, it all came to a fiery conclusion. The device which is no bigger than a sandwich was created to produce a potentially safer method of sending encrypted data throughout the globe.

Source: NASA
Source: NASA

The rocket carrying 2,300kg of cargo consisting of supplies, equipment and science experiments to the International Space Station as well as 300g device from NUS exploded and fell back to earth within seconds of lift off. Dr Ling, the Singaporean Scientist responsible for the device felt like he had received “a punch to the stomach” when he saw the explosion from the US space agency NASA.

Source: NASA
Source: NASA

Dr Ling and his team had put hard work and many hours so that the device could withstand the harshness of space, unfortunately it was an earthly accident that killed the project. Thankfully nobody was injured in the explosion and Dr Ling has taken positives from having already created one device, and is looking forward to launching a second one soon.

Source: NASA
Source: NASA



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