Pimp earned S$1.08m from sleaze pubs, jailed 35 months


Ang Boon Seng, 40, ran a chain of sleazy pubs from between June 2009 and August 2013. The man employed 55 women from the Philippines under the cover of “performing artists”. Customers would buy expensive “ladies drinks” and could get sexual favours from these women after buying a certain amount of these drinks or paying a “bar fine”.

He was also fined $98,000 by the Ministry of Manpower – the fines were a result of demanding and receiving money from his pub workers as a condition of their employment.

His wife, Ylarde Anne Asuncion, 31, a Filipino, who worked for him was also sentenced to 10 weeks of jail on charge of procuring women for the purpose of prostitution.

Ang’s monthly profits from these activities ranged between $27k and $60k a month.







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