Roadkill in Singapore – Why Cats Aren’t Protected

Cats to receive less concern on road safety than dogs.

The SPCA and ACRES both animal welfare groups in Singapore have petitioned to have the list of animals that drivers have to stop and help in an accident. It’s not very common for motorists in Singapore to be involved in an accident with an animal. It does happen from time to time, and a failure to help a listed animal is an offence.


The current animals on the list are dog, horse, ass, mule, sheep, pig, goat or cattle. It is safe to say other than dogs, the rest of the animals on the list which are deemed farm animals are rare sights in Singapore and most likely will never cross paths with motorists on busy roads. The SPCA and ACRES are speaking out to include more common animals found on our island instead, animals such as cats, monkeys, birds and rabbits.


The MHA has decided to keep the act unchanged as they argue that it may be unsafe for motorists to stop and help everytime they hit an animal. Whilst it is logical to assume that the more common an animal the higher the risk of an accident on the road, it also makes getting out of your car on a busy road a higher and more likely possibility. However, despite animal road accidents being rare there have been more monkeys at risk to such accidents also partly due to their interactions with humans.

The act was put in place mainly to remove the possibility of a carcass posing as a road hazard and drivers are required by law to move the carcass or face a fine of up to SGD $3000.00 or a jail term of up to a year.


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