Security officers will see wage increases and reduced OT


First, it was the cleaning industry – the Progressive Wage Model raised the salary of cleaners by enforcing a basic wage, paired with wage progression and a drive on productivity.

Today, the security industry (by means of the Security Tripartite Committee) has recommended that PWM for the security industry be included as a mandatory licensing condition under he security agency licences issued by the Singapore Police Force.

security officer 2

This will benefit about 33,000 security officers by raising their salaries by as much as $300.

The industry is also committed to lower excessive Over Time, without a reduction in gross salary. Because of a shortage of manpower, excessive OT is prevalent. Security agencies have already taken steps to reduce OT hours clocked by officers. These include steps taken to move from a six-day work week to a five day work week, which will reduce OT to 72 hours per month.

In Singapore, employers that require their employees to work more than 12 hours a day are required under section 40 of the Employment Act, to apply for overtime exemption from the Ministry of Manpower.


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(In October last year, T. Mogan,  President of the Security Association of Singapore, resisted the Progressive Wage Model citing the words “more pay is not the solution”)

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) is a firm nudge by the NTUC to push employers and service buyers to adopt a base/progressive pay for workers. It provides for more flexibility unlike its more rigid counterpart: enforced minimum wage.

To encourage security agencies to enhance their productivity and be early adopters of the PWM’s progressive wages, a dedicated Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) scheme is available. Launched by NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), the “IGP for Security Sector” is a newly packaged $5-million scheme set aaside for productive projects in the private security industry.

In all, the Security Tripartite Council is firm on increasing wages, reducing OT hours and all this translates into reduced fatigue, increased vigilance and performance and happier workers.

This engenders a sense of pride and professionalism and hopes to motivate more Singaporeans to join the security sector.


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