SG50 To Go Global

Our nation’s Jubilee won’t just be a Singaporean Celebration, it’s going global.

Singapore turns 50 next year, and although it is nearly a year to go, preparation is already in full swing for her big night. 50 is going to be a recurring number throughout the festivities and Singapore Tourism Board has incorporated it into it’s next bid to boost tourism to our island home.


50 Singaporean artists will be given berth in a various locations throughout the world including London, Beijing and New York. The STB has chosen to celebrate the local creative scene by showcasing talent from various disciplines such as architecture, fashion, food, music and performing and visual arts.

Ms Ow from STB was right when she harped that the local arts and creative scene has seen a recent boom with more creative individuals surfacing in this digital age. She chose to celebrate the arts as opposed to our economy as it is a lesser known aspect of Singpaore, a brilliant stroke of imagination on her part (no pun intended). This would most definitely give the world a broader look at what our nation has aside from our security and economy.


Beijing, London and New York were all selected for their media culture and would definitely be choice destinations to showcase our local talent. STB are currently going through the process of picking out the appropriate local talent and will make their announcement come early next year.

So here’s looking forward to a positive and memorable Jubilee.







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