Slew of Events at Sports Hub Moved/Cancelled

The Sports Hub, our National Stadium’s field just hasn’t been up to par with it’s huge price tag.








A slew of events have either been cancelled, reworked or postponed at the Singapore Sports Hub. In light of feedback from world renowned players and coaches after the Brazil and Japan exhibition match as well as local internationals, the spanking new Sports Hub has been deemed a safety hazard for sporting events prompting the New Zealand All Blacks to pull out of the match.







The decision was made my the New Zealand Rugby Union after visible concerns about the state of the pitch, in which some areas of the field weren’t even covered in grass. Despite the cancellation, the New Zealand Rugby Union are still keen to participate in a game at a later time and to raise the level of rugby in Singapore through community activities.






In light of the upcoming Suzuki Cup, the Sports Hub has chosen to postpone Taiwanese Pop-Star Jay Chou’s concert from the 8th of November to 27th of December to prevent further damage to the field. The Asian Mega Star isn’t the only concert to be held at the new National Stadium that has been affected by the state of the pitch. Five time Grammy Award winning singer Mariah Carey has had to move her initial location of the stage to avoid any further damage.







The Sports Hub is a sight to behold and has the potential to be a big hit with locals and global athletes and artistes alike. With $1.3 billion dollars gone into the completion of the mega structure, it will no doubt rectify the most important aspect of the arena, it’s stage. The upcoming SEA Games to be hosted in the Sports Hub will be it’s biggest test and we’re hoping for a more positive result.







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