The Urban Legend of the Serial Man-Snatcher

you can tell she wants your man

If the urban legend is true, there is a serial man-snatcher on the prowl, eyeing your man.

Look behind you!


Here to tap on your man’s natural promiscuous ways. Anyway, are men entirely to blame for that? We’ve heard the cries of men from all corners of the world when caught in the act: “I didn’t initiate it”, “I never meant for things to go this far”, “It wasn’t me” and on and on the list goes.

The face of Innocence

Well, back to the urban legend. Legend has it that a woman in a sundress, as cute as can be, will steal your man. They’ll meet in the most casual of places, and she’ll tempt your man with nothing more than an inviting glance.

you can tell she wants your man
you can tell she wants your man

You’re probably imagining a man-snatcher to would do this because she’s a succubus or the all elusive Nympho that rappers such as 50 Cent talk about in his music. But what she’s most likely to be is a woman who knows for certain that their tryst will be nothing more than a tryst.

She’s going to offer him everything you can’t, something that isn’t you. Imagine the offer of escape from normality. He doesn’t need to ask you how your day was, or make the first move to initiate intimacy and there’ll never be fights. I believe the staunchest of men would think long and hard about that, twice.

“There are no fights. There is no going to bed in some ugly tee shirt and forgetting to touch one another because you have better things to do, such as play around on your phone. Everything in my apartment will be for pleasure and for now. There won’t be any more complicated subtext.”

“As soon as it carries with it even the slightest note of drudgery or repetition or obligation, he will leave.”


With an exit strategy thrown into the equation it begins to tempt even the hardiest of men. Such an offer would just seem too good to pass. If legend was indeed reality, how then can wife or girlfriend compete?

In the words of the writer, she sums up that there are two types of men, men who will cheat and men who won’t. Honestly, just be on the lookout for cute girls in dresses looking at your man.

She tells it like it is here:

Probably not her la
Probably not her la







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