I think Singaporean women are…


This question was posed to our writer: How would you describe the Singaporean woman? [25 marks]

Here’s her answer:

1.) Ooozing of passion


Singaporean women passionate? Sure or not? After all, aren’t we the country who has managed to come up with a whole new word for boredom and passiveness – sian.

But think about it this way: have you never seen how passionate women in Singapore can be when it comes to a sale? Getting a seat on public transport? Chope-ing seats during lunch hour? Noooo, it’s not being kiasu. It is fervent passion and nothing less.

Ask us about the latest season of clothes in stores or the most recent K-pop group to arrive in town. You’ll see a fire in us Singaporean girls that cannot be denied.


2.) Good with money


Us local girls are definitely good at handling money. Doesn’t matter how much we earn (or don’t earn!), we always manage to find the best deals in town. Sure, us girls might be a little prone to spending money, but in our defence, it would always be money well spent.

Consult us on discount shopping, outlet shops and the arcane art of bargaining. We instinctively know the value of whatever item. We know how to skilfully wield Carousell. We know a good bargain whilst you boys are bleeding from the pockets.


3.) Friendly *wink*


This might be a little hard to see, but it’s true. Observe when we’re in line at a club’s washroom. Strangers taking selfies together? Check. Complimenting each other’s dress loudly? Yup. Checking up on a random girl sitting sprawled on the toilet floor? Most definitely.

Drunken incidents aside, Singaporean girls are definitely not shy when it comes to making friends. All you need is a common topic, and two previous strangers can bond over it like they’ve been friends for years.

Whoever said we’re stuck up and unfriendly clearly hasn’t seen the camaraderie we’re capable of.


4.) Accused of being picky :(


So we’ve been known to be fussy and picky? So what? There’s nothing wrong with being certain with what you want. Why settle for anything less? Maybe a better word would be assertive, instead of picky.

If we don’t like it, we don’t like it. If I don’t like lettuce, I won’t eat it, even if it came crusted with diamonds. After all, settling for something that we don’t like will just make us unhappier in the future.


5.) Labeled “Materialistic” :(  :(


Hey boys, we read the internet ok. We know what you’re thinking. And yes, we know we’ve labeled as: materialistic. But hey, the same people who turn their noses up at our clothes and brands also complain that other women look dowdy. Dress well, we’re materialistic. If we care less, we’re shabby.

How about you guys eh? What about your love for Rolex watches and the Mercedes. If I’m to be called materialistic, at least I look good.








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