Pissed off with the TNP article objectifying women

The following article is contributed by Raun, clearly a frustrated TNP reader.


Yesterday The New Paper released an illustration of the iPhone 6+ bending controversy and took it upon themselves to aptly name it #Bendgate.

It was accompanied by an illustration, and drew parallels with the bend of the phone and the size of 3 female celebrities’ butts. They named it The JLo, The Minaj and The Taylor Swift, each representing their butt sizes.


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I know, New Paper, it must be tough not being the numero uno in selling your papers in Singapore and perhaps your sales target seems like miles away, but to resort to casual objectification of celebrities, or women, has to be a no-go.

I’m not going to bother defending either of the 3 singers; their music doesn’t do it for me, and frankly I’m still insulted that Jennifer Lopez was the headline act for this year’s Formula One concert when she’s obviously got more glitter in her make-up than talent, but I wouldn’t stoop so low and bring up her buttocks because I’ve always respected a human being’s physique and modesty. If only The New Paper bothered with such gimmicks.

I appreciate wit and tongue-in-cheek humor, especially after a day in the rush-hour lifestyle that we’re all forced to adapt to in Singapore, and I am a big fan of 9GAG for laughs, but that’s just it. I’ll go to 9GAG if I wanted silly humor, but you, as an outlet for news, aren’t supposed to be diving into that dark pit of witty humor.

Not the first time

Before I get slated instead for my sensitivity, I’ll remind you of these 2 incidents in the past year that New Paper have proved to be absolute scum in the world of publishing. Earlier this year after the crash of MH70, photos of the crash and dead victims surfaced all over social media and The New Paper jumped on it like a diabetic on insulin and started tweeting said pictures on their account, showing absolutely no sensitivity for the matter in hand, and respect for the dead.

If that wasn’t enough, The New Paper thought it would be clever to be posting a headline like this one after what was a dark spot on the history of this beautiful country after the Little India riots.


So that’s what we are dealing with.

I’ve done my best not to open a can of worms with the raging discussions of gender equality and objectification, for that really wasn’t my intention with this post. What I really wanted to bring up was that the editors of scummy wannabe newspaper The New Paper are clumsy, idiotic thugs with no respect for the ones around them, or themselves, and are willing to go to stupid water levels just to sell that extra copy or two of their papers.

If you really want great pop-culture jokes without the hints of controversy, join me for a laugh on Twitter.

Raun Anand








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