Will Louis be entering politics? Yes, but no, but yes, but no….


Will the ACRES founder be the PAP’s next politician?

Louis Ng, better known as the founder of Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) is a strong advocate for animal welfare and a man with a strong voice.


It is not usual for a non-government organisation (NGO) member to take the route of a politician because of the potential conflict of interest between the time spent between both offices. On one hand Mr Ng is a strong activist for animal welfare and their rights on the other he is also to assume responsibilities as a politician in the PAP.


Although Mr Ng has no intention of stopping his work with ACRES. But when asked if Louis is entering politics, he left an answer on his Facebook page that leaves you none the wiser.

Have a read at his verbatim announcement, and maybe you can tell us if he intends to stand for elections as a politician.



For more than a decade now, I’ve been actively speaking up, voicing my concerns constructively and campaigning for change. There is no doubt that things are indeed changing in Singapore for the better, for both the animals and the wider community.

Many of you have asked if I will consider entering politics. Some have asked if I will join the PAP or the opposition such as the Worker’s Party.

I’ve given this serious thought for some time. My choice was to join the PAP.

The public knows me as a very strong advocate for animal welfare. While we may not see eye to eye on all issues, I have explored working with various MPs, political officeholders and government agencies in order to further the cause. I’ve seen that things can change when we work from within.

Many of you know that I’ve been working closely with Minister K Shanmugam Sc
for the past five years, helping residents at his Meet-the-People Sessions, serving in the CCMC and also as the Animal Welfare and Environment Secretary in the Youth Executive Committee.

Through the many projects we launched, we made a significant difference for the community as well as advance animal welfare. We have been able to embark on pilot programmes for the keeping of cats in HDB flats and also end the culling of stray cats in Chong Pang.

On a wider and national scale, the annual Chong Pang Animal Protection Forums resulted in momentous animal protection policy changes in Singapore. The increased penalties for animal cruelty offences that will be discussed in Parliament next month is one of the best examples of our success. 

This year, I’ve started serving in the Kembangan-Chai Chee constituency and will now initiate projects in this constituency under Minister Tan Chuan-Jin. We have many projects in the pipeline and will be rolling them out in the next few months and years.

Although I started out focusing on animal welfare, and will continue to do so, I have come to realise the impact that we can make on many fronts. I’m keen on also working on projects focusing on bringing back the kampong spirit and helping to break the poverty cycle in the less fortunate families.

I’ve now been working at the grassroots level, learning and gaining experience. My passion to serve the community will always remain the same, my commitment towards advocacy work remains steadfast and my determination to make this world a better place remains strong.

I want to stress that ACRES: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore) is and will always remain close to my heart. 

Many of you have known me as Louis Ng from ACRES for the past 13 years. I remain the same person who passionately believes in making a difference.







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