Over 1300 employers used grants to help mature workers: Tan Chuan Jin



Singapore is an ageing population, over the years the proportion of older workers in our workforce has and will continue to have increase significantly .

To help companies design friendlier work environments, the following grants are available under the WorkPro programme. 

  • Age Management Grant, which provides incentives to employers to adopt workplace practices to help seniors continue working
  • Job Redesign Grant, to help employers re-engineer their workplaces and businesses to suit an ageing workforce.

“These workers are a potential asset to employers, with their skills, experience and wisdom honed over the years”, said Mr. Tan.

tan chuan jin

The Manpower Minister highlights that public sector agencies have already offered flexible work arrangements, part-time employment, telecommuting and the option to start and end their daily work earlier.

Together with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), the Ministry of Manpower is actively encouraging employers in the push for implementing job redesign.

Following changing demographic and cultural trends, global retirement ages have increased. Many countries are implementing policies to fight age discrimination by raising their retirement ages. 







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