7 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back

Feeling sian, tired and unhappy with life?

Try these 7 ways to change your life’s purpose, perspectives and priorities to get your mojo back.


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1. Think about death

It may sound morbid but this forces you to reflect hard about what you really want to achieve at the end of your life, or even what kind of afterlife you want to build during your time on earth.

This helps you align the big and little things in your life to your final purpose.

– Raise a family
– Set up a school for needy children
– Die surrounded by loving family
– Travel to all 7 continents
– Be famous and have a charity in my name

2. Give thanks

However shitty life may be, wake up in the morning and give thanks for one thing. Just ONE thing.

– Breakfast in fridge
– Kiss from spouse/children
– Clean clothes to choose
– Haze below 400 psi
– A roof over my head

3. Zoom out, step back

Whatever lemons life throws at you, ask yourself:
~ what’s the big deal
~ will it matter 5, 10 years down the road
~ what lessons did you learn

Happy people tide their emotions over temporary inconveniences, create opportunities out of challenges and know how to respond with a cool attitude.

4. Hang out with happy people

They influence your moods and show you how they handle stress productively.

5. Envy less, blame less

People who whine they are unhappy because they don’t have what others have, the government didn’t do whatever, or blame other people for whatever, have given up on themselves and encourage others to follow them into that negative spiral of depression.

Getting your mojo back is not about one upping everyone else, but pursuing your dreams regardless of everyone else.

6. Do something new, something positively crazy

Take that leap of faith to explore something you’ve always wanted to do. Sign up, buy that ticket, make a date with yourself to start it, and don’t look back.

7. Be kind, give back

Sounds strange, but when we pay it forward, we realise life is so much more than me, me, me.

And that, is how you get your mojo back.

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