Batman Sues Valencia CF

La Liga Club Valencia is under fire from DC comics over their logo which bears similarity to Batman.


For those that don’t know, Valencia is a Spanish Football Club. It’s also owned by Peter Lim a local businessman and investor. Valencia has experienced something of a turn in fortune after Peter Lim took over as owner of the club. They’re currently flying high, sitting in third place in the league. Not an easy feat when you consider that the league is home to clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Despite their recent successful spell, they’re under attach from Gotham City’s Vigilante over the rights to the emblem. Valencia’s emblem is that of a bat, similar to that of the caped crusader. Batman was first featured in 1939, Valencia football club was founded in 1919 and Valencia city’s coat of arms from the 13th century has featured a bat resting on it, that looks very similar to Batman’s as well. So perhaps DC might want to sue the entire of Valencia.


Honestly Batman has went through an entire host of symbols, it would only be a matter of time until they run the same symbol as Valencia. And if they truly were to be suing Valencia, then they should also be taking up arms against Baccardi.




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