If you have a CCTV at home/office, you may be watched right now


This bizarre website has compiled live footage from CCTVs around the world and published them on the internet. It targets those with lax security and those with weak passwords. The site claims that its existence is to demonstrate the importance of security settings – to remove your public camera from this site, all you need to do is to change your camera’s password. Unless you’re an exhibitionist, then go for it – and in which case, do remember to let us know your camera’s address too.

Because the site is hosted overseas, they are away from the reach from local anti-harrasement laws.

Click here to access the site to check if you and your friends are online – http://insecam.com/cam/bycountry/SG/ (you might need the latest version of Flash, and the site loads a little slowly..probably due to perverts the world over logging on at the same time)



cctv-bed2 cctv-bed3











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