More Coins Used as Payment

This was obviously a calculated move (no pun intended) but a tremendously childish act from a grown man.

After reports of Sim Lim shop owner Jover Chew giving a refund in coins, another joker has popped up to try and achieve the same effect.

This guy had to change or save up $19,000 worth of coins, in my opinion that’s effort.

Who would want to carry that much coins? Coins are usually the last thing anybody wants in their pockets. They jingle they’re a hassle to count and they’re only useful for smaller items. So to pay off $19,000 worth of debt in coins is a really big ask. Firstle where did Mr Lester get that many coins, has he been putting them aside over a period of time? Perhaps he changed it all at a bank, I don’t know if banks even carry that much coins.


Mr Lester wanted to pay off his debts with Exotic Motor, and he did so with a bitterness probably. Nothing has been mentioned as to why Mr Lester did what he did. He didn’t stop to offer Mr Ong an explanation or even pay heed when Mr Ong told him to remove the coins off the showroom floor. Instead he drove off bidding a fond farewell to his debt with an “I have paid off my debt”. Mr Ong also claimed the coins smelt like fish and seeing that there were bag loads of it, it probably overwhelmed the showroom.


Mr Ong lodged a police report over the incident, but was informed that what Mr Lester did wasn’t a crime, but a civil case instead. Attempting to return the coins, Mr Ong has placed the coins in plastic bags and placed them in the boot of his car. He tried contacting Mr Lester’s lawyer to arrange to have the coins returned but was informed that the lawyer no longer represented Mr Lester leaving Mr Ong with $19,000 of loose change.






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