Digital Vigilantes

When justice isn’t served heroes do not turn a blind eye, they’re not exactly Batman or Spiderman but they stood up when a total stranger was in need.

Vigilante [vij-uhlan-tee]

1. a member of a vigilance committee.
2. any person who takes the law into his or her own hands, as by avenging a crime.
3. done violently and summarily, without recourse to lawful procedures:vigilante justice.
SMRT Ltd, a satirical group turned vigilante purveyors of justice? So much has been done, so much has been written about recent incidents involving Sim Lim Square. People have come forward and stood up against the “criminals” of Mobile Air albeit behind a screen and keyboard.
Have keyboard warriors turned into keyboard heroes after honing their craft through the various battles of comment wars on various forums and social media? Very recently an article was written about Singaporeans being mere bystanders, and never have I been happier to say that I was wrong. It may not seem much in the way of the world but what groups like SMRT Ltd and Gabriel Kang have done show that we do have moral compassion and that we do have a power to make a difference if we come to a common consensus.
Perhaps we’re not as myopic and unconcerned about the hardship of others as one might think, I would like to believe that the values we’ve been imparted throughout our education system and our embrace for our fellowmen through community building and strong ties have fostered in us a true facing moral compass.
Some may argue that perhaps SMRT Ltd may have overstepped a boundary by revealing such intimate details about Jover Chew and his wife who we would like to assume had no part in her husband’s behaviour. Also, involving parties such as fast food chains like McDonalds and Pizza Hut may have instead caused distress to the delivery riders instead of their intended target.
The message is that we have banded well together when called upon, and we will again if need be. If there were to be a story of the year, it shouldn’t be about Jover Chew or Mobile Air. Instead it should give focus to the community spirit witnessed in the wake of recent weeks.

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