Employers: Do you wonder why your employees are so switched off?



Only 13% of employees are engaged at work, said a new study by Gallup. Want to know why your staff is not as keen as you are?

Read on to find out why your PMEs are not giving a rats ass to your business.


You Don’t Let Them Do Their Job

You have too many meetings. Your meetings are becoming meaningless. The team is spending 40% of their time on administrative chores instead of doing any real work.
There is zero time to do any real work

If replying emails, decorating meeting presentations and answering every single WhatsApp message is your thing, then you’ll find actual productivity slipping.


You’re Not Listening

If you get feedback, ideas and proposals and shoot down the lot of them, then why would anyone give any suggestions anymore?


You say you care, but you don’t

What goes in an employees life pretty much affects his/her performance at work. Emotions are the foundation of what makes us human and we cannot underestimate its importance.


Your office lacks inspiration

Your office is a stereotypical office: stock standard office furniture. Lenovo laptop. Slow software. How exciting is it to wake up everyday at the prospect of going to such an office?


Your standards are constantly shifting

Nobody knows what you think is good work, or bad work. Your standards change depending on circumstance. How would anyone be able to figure out if what he/she is doing is good or not?


You don’t allow for independent, entrepreunal experiments

You’re overly prescriptive about what to do. Some call it micromanaging, your employees call it a pain in the ass. If you want things done your way to the last detail, you’re going to miss out on the excellent ideas others have.


You don’t trust staff

You ask for clock-in, clock-out. You interrogate their every movement to the last minute and second. You breath down their neck staring behind their computers. Honesty and trust are rudimentary to every relationship, work is no different.


Staff don’t trust you

If you don’t trust them, then they can’t trust you either. And when that happens, they’ll be looking out for employers who can – and that becomes a terrible cost on your business.


You have lax hiring standards

“But I need someone for this role right now” and “they’re good enough” are excuses you’ve used to hire people that are not the right fit, at the expense of your team’s culture.


You don’t pay what they’re worth

Of course there are business considerations, but if you’re making money the staff will know. Sooner or later, people will be wondering why they continue working for you when they’re being under appreciated.


You didn’t communicate your corporate vision

Why does your business exist anyway? Just to make money? Well if so then that’s a terrible reason to be in existence. People will work harder for a higher order and not merely money.







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