Entertainment: The Way We Go (20th – 29th November 2014)


This is coming to the end of its run, but if there’s one play you absolutely must catch this week, it will be The Way We Go.

Sometimes, what we need is a good clean story that is stripped of all the frills, dramatic effects, fancy props and music. It cuts through the fat of modern entertainment and leaves for you nothing but raw emotion.

It somehow reminds me of this 2003 Lars Von Trier piece – “Dogville”.

The story follow the reflections of Agatha Mao, former principal of the Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes, as she experiences the greatest loves of her life: Edmund, her intellectual partner, and Violet, her best friend.


Sprawling over 12 years, this tender story of love and friendship between outsiders also brings into relief the fraught relationship of former students Lee and Gillian, who come to ask the same questions as their elders: What are the costs of love? Why do people need each other? What’s at stake when we reach out?

The story is deeply reflective. It encourages quiet, sensitive meditation on growing up and growing old.

It looks at love in places where we least seek it; the love for learning, life, and language; the love between friends and kindred spirits.

If you’ve lost a friend. If you fear growing old alone. If you have been seeking love and yet to find it… this play will speak to you.



Tickets by SISTIC here: http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/way1114







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