Is HHH Doing Her Own Writing?

Han Hui Hui clearly doesn’t believe that the internet is a very accessible place.

It’s hard to support an activist who commits criminal fashion offences, even harder when despite all the best intention in the world for fellow citizens, you disrupt a harmless performance put on by children with special needs. We’ve heard their cries for transparency, and some may even have seen from your point of view, but her groups brash dis concern has taken away any sort of belief or credibility from them.

It’s also becoming clear that HHH may not have her own voice. In her own words, Han Hui Hui said that in the world of the internet there are many liars and faceless people, how ironic that such an advocate for truth did not possibly see the harms of plagirising. Lifting almost entirely from a Hong Kong protestor Joshua Wong.

Maybe Joshua Wong might want to sue you
Maybe Joshua Wong might want to sue you

Paragraph 1:

Joshua Wong

Paragraph 2:

Joshua Wong

Paragraph 3:

Joshua Wong

We’ll skip to paragraph 9 where HHH is still clearly lifting word for word and tweaking anything related to Hong Kong with Singapore.

Paragraph 9:

Joshua Wong

Final Paragraph (you’ll notice nothing here has been changed except the countries)

Joshua Wong

I understand the power of sharing ideas and the effects a speech can have on individuals, but clear plagirism does not lend to your intended effect.

Han Hui Hui who fights for the people of Singapore and has no agenda of her own, stands up for the rest of our nation and demands for transparency from the government, who throws up the Mockingjay salute in similarity as Thai rebels, apparently does not have a voice of her own. It begs us to consider who then is this for, who does she speak for and is she really a face we as Singaporeans want?

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