Hit By The Police

A motorcyclist was accidentally hit on the expressway by none other than a police vehicle.

Rainy and wet, that’s been the story over the past weeks, and it’s made the roads a little more dangerous. A motorcyclist travelling along the PIE experienced a rude shock when he was hit by a police van trying to switch lanes along the espressway. The video of the incident was captured by a fellow motorist.


The police vehicle was travelling on the middle lane whilst the rider was in between two lanes trying to overtake. The driver in his bid to switch lanes probably didn’t check his blind spot before making the switch and knocked the rider off his bike and nearly into an oncoming taxi. The driver was said to have landed heavily against the divider but was conscious throughout. The taxi driver was quick to hit the brakes and his quick thinking avoided adding to injury. Beyond that, the cabbie also stepped out onto the expressway to direct traffic away from the accident.


The SCDF was notified and dispatched an ambulance to the scene. It was reported that the motorcyclist was conscious throughout the conveyance to Tan Tock Seng Hospital in what was a harrowing ordeal. In what was not a reckless case of road antics, it was still a careless mistake on the part of the driver of the van. This should also serve as a warning to all motorists this rainy season to be careful, drive safe and be aware of your surroundings always.







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