From Hybrid To Artificial

$800,000 on a hybrid pitch, now replaced with a synthetic pitch.

With it’s unveiling this year, the Sportshub was thought to be our new crowning glory, but after complains and images surfaced of a dying pitch, it seems that the hybrid pitch just wasn’t going to work out. And at a cost of $800,000 it’s a pretty hefty price to pay for a trial run.


The synthetic pitch was initially opted against in favour of the hybrid pitch, but after months of poor conditions and the inability to maintain the pitch, Sports Hub Pte Ltd(SPHL) has been forced to revisit a discarded idea as a solution. The cost will be fully borne by SPHL for promoters who’ve insisted on a natural surface. The synthetic pitch will be laid over the hybrid one temporarily for the time being.

Artificial turfs aren’t against regulation and is widely used in various international stadiums and is even approved by governing bodies such as FIFA. However there are teams who insist on playing on regular standard grass, such as premier league football clubs and the New Zealand All Blacks who famously pulled out of an exhibition match at the Sports Hub due to poor conditions of the field.


In it’s bid to ready itself for the AFF Suzuki Cup, SPHL had postphoned, cancelled and even moved high profile performers such as Mariah Carey and Jay Chou to avoid further damaging the field. Despite their best efforts, sandy conditions were still visible when Thailand took on Singapore at the national stadium over the weekend.


It remains to be seen if this is merely a temporary solution while they work out the kinks of the $800,000 hybrid surface or if the artificial surface will replace it totally.


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