Your Letters: The Halloween boob grab

Halloween boob grab


(Halloween boob grab) Saw this image: ‘Asked for a photo but got groped instead?! I love Halloween!’



What do you make of it?

Of course it is her decision to let whoever she wants lay hands on her body, but I think one should also take into account the implications that images like these have on people who view them.

I doubt that people would believe this is a norm, but just in case it does – I feel compelled to highlight the harm such images can actually have in perpetuating the belief that girls are loose and often ‘asking for it’.

Don’t do it. It’s called sexual assault.

Irresponsibility works both ways – the conduct of the person feeling her up, and her posting the image as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Would girls also be then encouraged (or influenced to believe that its not cool to be ‘offended’) to take such issues less seriously, and just let it go when sexual assault actually does happen to them at a night venue?


Thank you,








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