Local DJ Kate Reyes Succumbs to Cancer

Losing her fight with breast cancer, Radio DJ Kate Reyes has sadly passed away.

Fellow radio DJ and friend Claressa Monteiro paid tribute to her late colleague through Facebook with a touching final farewell to describe the bond, her attitude towards life and her bravery as she battled and eventually lost in her fight with the disease.


Claressa Monteiro whom herself who recently came out of mourning after grieving the loss of her mother, mentioned that despite losing touch with her and moving on with their respective lives after their stint on Gold 90.5 FM, she felt for Kate’s family and the people whom Kate Reyes had touched throughout her life.


Many other celebrities have paid their own respects through similar channels and Bernard Lim Managing Director for Telivision at Mediacorp recalled an ambitious Kate Reyes throughout their time at Perfect Ten 98.7 FM.


Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer found amongst women and there have been much movement to detect and prevent the disease from early stages. Kate Reyes will surely be remembered by all who’ve heard her voice and known her.







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