Make Baby, Receive Free Gift

As everyone knows, 2015 is a milestone for the old lady (Singapore), she’ll be celebrating her 50th and to give back to the nation, all jubilee babies will be getting a personal gift bundle.

Make Baby

  • A special medallion
  • Baby clothes
  • Baby sling
  • Multi functional shawl
  • Diaper bag
  • Photo frame
  • Scrapbook
  • Baby book


These are items you can expect to receive if you’re set to have a baby in 2015. A total of Eight items will be presented to parents of every jubilee baby. Along with the bundle, parents will also be able to look forward to arranged programs and classes for jubilee parents, ranging from baby massage to scrapbook making.

It looks like a great time for Singaporeans to have babies with a slew of goodies beyond just tangible products. Time to get busy with your spouse if you haven’t already or aren’t already planning to have a baby next year.


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