Making Wantons With Dirty Socks

If you’re studying in NUS and you love dumplings, we suggest you beware.


If you’re wondering why a particular dumpling store has that additional enticing flavour and such aromatic distinction to set it apart from the rest of the dumpling stores it’s because the lady who cooks and prepares them has a special recipe for it. A recipe for disaster that is.


A PRC lady who serves dumplings in NUS was recently exposed by a former staff of hers after she saw the horrid conditions of her “kitchen”; at least that’s what we’re calling it. Conditions in the said kitchen are horrid at best and not really kept up to the minimal of hygiene standards we have in Singapore. To make matters worst, she prepares and dries the vegetables that go into the dumplings in her washing machine. The same washing machine she uses for her dirty underwear and socks.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the PRC lady who served a dish in China with a live cockroach in it and after being alerted to a customer she proceeded to eat it, telling the customer in the most casual of tones that it’s perfectly normal. Well we don’t know if this lady eats her own dumplings but we’re very sure it’s not “normal”.









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