Man Walks Out On Family Of 11…To Party


We’ve seen a lot of ugly this year, a lot of stories that make us feel outraged by the suffering of others at the hands of people with loose moral values.

Mr Mazlan Abdul, 37 year old father of 11 and resident party “boy”. Mr Mazlan walked out on his family two years ago, since then he has found a new girlfriend believed to be his colleague and posted pictures on facebook of him partying and taking his parents and new girlfriend out for nice dinners.


Mr Mazlan has also taken out loans using his former address in Hougang leaving debtors and creditors to hound him down at his address where his abandoned family resides in. Madam Rafeah, ex-wife of Mr Mazlan has already had to give up one of her 11 children for adoption to a relative to keep the family afloat. She is unable to get hold of her ex husband and even his parents don’t have information to where he stays.

Madam Rafeah’s youngest daughter (4) suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy and has to be tube fed, leaving Madam Rafeah to be with her constantly, rendering her unable to work or leave her alone at home. The family has been getting financial help from several organisations that totals to $1,700 a month. Eldest child Nazrul (18) has had to step in to support his younger siblings in his father’s absence ensuring that they’ve eaten and showered before leaving for school.


When Mr Mazlan was contacted he claimed that he was unable to meet the monthly contributions to his family of $500 every two weeks.

There are split camps amongst this, many feel that both parents share the blame of having brought so many children into the world that they were unable to provide for. However it seems like only one of them is sheltering the responsibility of raising the family.







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