Mobile Air Haunted by Former Staff

A former employee from Mobile Air, infamous mobile phone retail shop in Sim Lim Square speaks out about the methods used by his former colleagues.

We’ve all heard and we’ve all read about Mobile Air, Jover Chew his cronies and the disgrace he brings to our people. His treatment of tourists looking for a deal through his false advertising have come to light and has hit him hard. His personal information has been circulated through social media and it seems we Singaporeans have no lack of a sense of “Justice”.


It has also been extremely heartwarming to see the efforts of Mr. Gabriel Kang and so many other Singaporeans including the often outrageous Steven Lim wanting to help and give back what was so unfairly taken away from the Vietnamese tourist and Chinese student who made purchases from Mobile Air in recent times.


Speaking out against his former employers in anonymity, the ex-staff spoke of how Mobile Air does in fact uses intimidation techniques to get their way and force customers into parting with hard earned money.

– Firstly, Mobile Air advertises their prices at exorbitantly low prices squashing out all other competition, sucking tourists into walking into the shop.

– When a customer has decided that the deal is just too good to turn down, they’re offered a wordy contract which mentions that the customer wants to include an additional “one-year warranty”.

– Mobile Air staff probably through many many hours of practice have smooth coordination of the scam, and using their fingers, will hide parts of the contract which states that the warranty will set them back an additional $1000.00

– Once the trap is sprung and the customer realises that they’ve been conned, they’d naturally ask for a refund.

– At this point, the gangsters that they are emerge. They’ll turn aggressive and even threaten customers. They’ll even make the threat of calling the police before the customer can so they retain the upper hand.

– Finally if a customer doesn’t budge, they’ll resort to even more threats and lies. One common line would be that their actions have been recorded on CCTV and that it shows the customer signing the contract.


Most customers are said to just leave taking it all in as just bad luck. The former employee has said that aside from Mobile Air there are other shops that practice such scams albeit not all. Whatever the case, it is very sure that Jover Chew and Mobile Air will have to put all business on hold for the foreseeable future.





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