What mommy doesn’t know won’t hurt her

You know that NS saying, “Want to do, don’t get caught”. Jover Chew’s Mother has been caught unawares to her “Filial” son’s career.

A ‘filial’ son indeed.


In a recent interview, Jover Chew’s mother in her 60s who runs a cooked food stall in Ang Mo Kio broke down in tears in defense of her son. Her son was recently involved in a viral case that took the internet by storm and had local netizens coming together in support of the tourists that he had scammed.

Jover Chew’s mother in her interview had stated that Jover was a filial son and she also acknowledged that everyone has a right to their opinion and can say what they want to say. She says that stress and attention from the media has given her immense pressure. She wasn’t the only one to be affected by the way her ‘filial’ son conducted his business at Mobile Air in Sim Lim Square. Jover’s wife, Miss Winnie Koh had also come under scrutiny. She too runs a mobile phone shop, J2Mobile and has stated online that J2Mobile has no relatioins to MobileAir.


The saga has seen Jover Chew lie low, having not appeared in the media ever since, or had any public sightings. His shop in Sim Lim Square has also been temporary closed. It is unsure if Jover Chew will be going back to business or if the local online vigilantes have done enough to deter him from making a fool of anymore tourists.





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