No Need For Speed In Singapore

New digital cameras to be used to identify speeding motorists as early as next year.

In a bid to curb speeding along the highways in Singapore, the traffic police already has speed traps to identify offenders. To add to the arsenal of speed traps, the traffic police has also announced that they will be installing new digital cameras along main highways and certain roads to deter speeding offences.


Similar to the red light cameras situated at traffic lights along main roads, these cameras will allow the traffic police to identify vehicles who beat red lights and to issue summons to offenders. However unlike their film camera predecessors, these new digital cameras will allow the traffic police to download real time images of offenders and issue summons more quickly. So if you’re caught speeding you’d find a summon in your mailbox a lot more quickly and there’s very little space now for drivers to go “Heng ahhh”


These digital cameras are a lot more sharper and clearer than film cameras so it is a lot less likely of an offender to get away with an offence now. Speed cameras will also not need to be reloaded with new film nor the need for film to be retrieved allowing for lesser down time enhancing the capabilities of the device. These cameras will be installed and ready by the middle of next year to curb what has been the biggest road offence in Singapore. Summons for speeding sits in a high 200,000 every year, a ridiculous number when you compare how many cars are actually on the road. It is estimated that these numbers will only get higher with the installation of the new cameras due to its precision.

The idea behind such cameras is not mainly to catch such motorists but to prevent motorists from being a danger to others, these cameras will serve as a new measure to wanting offenders.







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