New Addition To Underwater World Sentosa

The newest member to Underwater World Singapore, a baby pink dolphin.

The Underwater World Singapore (UWS) unveiled the latest addition to the lagoon on 27th November, a four month old, one metre long pink dolphin. These after reports of a previous dolphin suffering from skin cancer emerged. There have been no updates to the state of the diseased dolphin or the condition of the lagoon after it was found to be unsuitable for dolphins to live in long term, due to the tropical heat and the state of the enclosure.


The baby dolphin however seemed to be in bright spirit, spending most of it’s time close by it’s mothers side. The young dolphin is also adventurous constantly exploring his surroundings whenever his mother is feeding. The young dolphin still has it’s grey skin, as pink dolphins only start showing signs of pink as they mature. the baby dolphin is still feeding off it’s mother’s milk and has begun chewing on fish that it’s trainers have started to feed it. The dolphin is yet to be named although that might change soon. This is the second dolphin to be born in the marine park, with the first in 2002.


Pann, the mother had been given around the clock supervision during her pregnancy although she was not given a special diet. On the day of her delivery, Pann swam close to her trainers who noticed the tail of a smaller dolphin sticking out of her. Within 20 minutes, Pann was in labour and the baby was born. The trainers have described the calf to be bright and inquisitive with a great sense of adventure. The park will also be holding meet and greet sessions for mother and calf at the UWS until January the first.



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