What Pizza Hut Thought Of SMRT Ltd (Feedback)’s Prank on Jover Chew

pizza hut

So after SMRT Ltd (Feedback) pulled off its fake Pizza Hut order prank on rogue businessman Jover Chew, we went down to the AMK Pizza Hut outlet to find out what they thought of the prank.

The Pizza Hut deliveryman who delivered the fake order was unavailable so we spoke to his colleague, R, who said he felt angry about the prank.

R explained that cancelled orders mean lost income for deliverymen like himself who depend on a commission per successful delivery.

This particular peaktime delivery would have cost the PH deliveryman up to $2.40 in commission.

In addition, deliverymen who use their own motorbikes have to pay for petrol costs out of pocket.

As part time deliverymen like R earn $5 per hour, this commission helps them to earn as much as $100 for 7 hours of weekend work or 12h of weekday work.

R added as the prank delivery was made during peak hours, other customers would have been inconvenienced.

Moreover customers in Ang Mo Kio tend to complain more about late deliveries, which adds to the deliveryman’s work stress.

R’s manager said that prank calls like these occur 2-3 times a month on average per outlet. He says some outlet managers try to cover the deliveryman’s lost commission out of their own pockets.

No one thought the prank was funny as it affected their livelihoods.







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