Priority queue at NTUC FairPrice abused by the young

Dear Editor,

 I am writing in to express my displeasure regarding the priority queue for pioneers at NTUC FairPrice. To be precise, my displeasure is aimed at people who are abusing the lanes.

 My uncle belongs to the said Pioneer Generation, and he was delighted to learn about the priority queues at FairPrice.

Priority queue for pioneer generation – it means that people should give way to pioneers right? Well, you will be surprised at how some people do not honour that.

 He shared with me a few pictures (below) and it can be observed that the “priority” was clearly ignored. So if the pioneers were standing behind those youngsters or at the tail end of the long queue, are they supposed to excuse their way to the front? Some might be thick-skinned enough to do it but what about those who belong to the silent majority and decide to go with the flow instead?

 Unknown Unknown-1

If the young are oblivious to the “Pioneers Ok!” sign or are not courteous enough to give way, may i suggest to NTUC FairPrice to ensure the cashiers only accept purchases from those who flash the Pioneer Generation card?

The verification process might be a little stringent but if the society is not gracious enough to honour the elders, something has to be done. What is the point of having a priority queue for pioneers if it is abused by the young?

 Actually, I’m disappointed we even have to enforce such a thing – shouldn’t this sort of attitude come “automatically” to everyone?

Maybe this is something the Singapore Kindness Movement could look into as well.

Thank you!

 A concerned citizen

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