Is your Privacy Secure Online?

Jover Chew had his information broken and shared across social media far too easily. It makes us wonder, are we safe?

Apparently nobody is safe, we have far too much information open to the public available online. Everyone and anyone can find out more about you, your spouse, your pet dog…anyone. Before you go paranoid and start deleting every single digital profile and move into the wilderness of Bukit Timah, perhaps take a look at how you can protect yourself.

The very people that CSI-ed Jover to death (yes SMRT Feedback), actually shared the following tips:




We’ve all heard of facebook stalking, and stalking in general. Well there are many things people can find out just by paying a little more attention to your daily routine.




Lastly, we kind of all use generic usernames and passwords, I mean who has that much capacity to remember so much or to actually find the need to diversify each username of password. However most of us have really weak passwords that keep us prone to “hack” and attacks from practically anyone who can find out the above information from you.





If you’ve still decided to move into the wild and forsake all digital interactions we won’t blame you. But do know that you can improve your own protection of your privacy online.








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