Safer roads with more advanced traffic cameras

Traffic Camera

Traffic cameras will be going digital. By June next year, all cameras using film will be removed and mounted with digital versions.

Some enforcement cameras will feature both speeding and red light triggers.

A replacement exercise had been conducted since March this year with 120 cameras already installed.

Digital cameras feature better resolution and clarity, allowing for image data to be directly transmitted remotely. This means the cameras will be able to function throughout the day.

This has already resulted in the Traffic Police being able to catch up with more red-light beaters.

From March to September this year, there was a 37.4 increase in motorists fined for beating the red light, from 18,796 for the whole of last year to 25,833 this year.

The penalty for beating a red light is 12 demerit points and a fine of at least $200.

There have been 176 deaths by transport accidents in 2013, down from 192 in 2012. This may not be good news for those who continually flout traffic regulations, but surely better for society who prefer safer roads.







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