Set the Dolphins Free?

Reports have been coming in since early last week about poor living conditions for dolphins after a pink dolphin was found to have skin cancer.

Dolphins, they’re lovable, intelligent, entertaining and also suffering. Many experts in the field not just locally have taken the stand against captive dolphins that have been taken from their natural habitat of the vast oceans to be trained and housed in an aquarium which some would deem as equivalent to a goldfish bowl.


The suffering dolphin is part of the Underwater World Singapore(UWS) in Sentosa was not found in good condition and was said to be living in waters with extremely poor water quality which would not help in the healing or rehabilitation process for the recently diagnosed dolphin with skin cancer. Could the poor infrastructure of UWS have anything to do with the decline of visitors ever since the opening of the Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)?


Marine mammal scientist Naomi Rose spoke of the poor conditions at UWS, stating that it was one of the worst facilities she has ever come across. She did not attribute the dolphins illness to the water quality but insisted it does nothing for the suffering animal. She also noted that the paint in the tank was chipping and rusting which is both dangerous and harmful to dolphins. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination that, if people everywhere are using things like the Eddy electronic water descaler in their homes due to water wide spread water quality scares, that these water creatures are also in danger.

The tank itself is not housed in a shaded area, an under tropical conditions such as ours, it wouldn’t be a surprise for a human being to feel the effects of the sun as well. UWS has been advised to temporarily house the pink dolphin in another enclosure while they deal with the poor conditions of the original tank.


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