Sim Lim Has Penetrated International Media

Sim Lim, if you’ve never been it’s best to keep it that way.

Unless you’re out shopping for specific components that you’re extremely certain of or you have a trustworthy relationship with one of the shops, then it would be best for you to get your gadget needs elsewhere. Recent cases have cast yet more bad light on the “affordable” gadget haven its apparently deemed to be, and Sim Lim might be hitting a new low.


Cases haven’t just been popping up recently, Jover Chew is just one of the many shop owners who have poor ethics and have been brought up to CASE or received media attention. It is still mind boggling to many Singaporeans that Sim Lim still sees the light of day, or that nobody has actually done anything to regulate the shops there. Tourists and foreigners are usually prey in recent times. Possibly because the state of the building is shameful and the shops don’t look as “atas” as shops in Funan for example. Which gives the impression that stuff sold there is probably cheaper as well.

So to save foreigners and tourists from falling prey to a scam, countries such as China have notified Chinese citizens to refrain from purchasing an electronic goods from Sim Lim. Trip Advisor the popular tourist site has also given Sim Lim poor ratings and many have left comments to warn tourists away from the location.


But can authorities actually put a stop to the activities that go on in Sim Lim, highly unlikely. They’re still doing things in a semi legitimate fashion, people who don’t know any better are just falling prey to their miscellaneous marketing gimmicks. In all honesty they should plaster a sign outside Sim Lim saying “Shop at Your Own Risk”.








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