Singapore needs better cycle facilities: Irene Ng


MP for Tampines GRC Irene Ng wants the country to commit to using the bicycle as a mode of transport.

Ms. Ng said bicycles now account for only 1% of trips in Singapore. There is opportunity to expand this to 5% by 2020.

Part of the commitment include building good infrastructure such as cycling-friendly junctions and streets that are designed to slow down speed of motorists, as well as a coherent policy on shared paths and foot paths.

In response to Ms. Ng, Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, Assoc Prof Faishal Ibrahim suggested that the Land Transport Authority is already heading in the direction of making a bicycle friendly Singapore. Dedicated cycling path networks in seven HDB towns had already been constructed.

There is a target to build cycling path networks in every HDB town by 2030, with a possibility of bringing forward competition dates of these networks.

Prof Faishal reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to make cycling an integral part of living and mobility, and plans to update the national cycling schemes comprehensively.



(A new cycling project in Simei commences. Image from Jessica Tan’s Facebook page)



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