Singapore Plays Its Part

Singapore publicly joins the effort against ISIS threats.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean warned that Singapore is not immune to the threats of the Islamic State as the threats from Iraq and Syria affects everyone. He was also confident that the Malay-Muslim community at home is against the violent actions of ISIS and will take steps to counter such extremist ideology.


Dr Yacob Ibrahim has backed DPM with his own statements in support of Muslim Leaders in Singapore whom have worked hand in hand with the government to suppress radical teachings in our country and to build a strong understanding with fellow Singaporeans. Adding on, Dr Yacob Ibrahim has emphasised that an attack against ISIS does not constitute an act against Islam.

Our nation joins 33 other nations who have stepped up in the war against terror. Singapore will be supplying various assets to aid American Intelligence as well as to offer support to troops in the Middle East. SAF personnel however will not be deployed directly to hostile zones such as Iraq and Syria but will instead operate out of neighbouring countries.


This isn’t the first time Singapore has played its part to combat terror in the Middle East, having taken part in previous coalitions against the likes of Al-Qaeda. The biggest call was for all Singaporeans to be united in the effort and to maintain the religious and racial harmony that has sustained and flourished in our country since its birth.

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