SMRT’s appalling record of bus accidents


Between 2013 and 2014, there have been five reported cases of severe to fatal accidents/incidences involving SMRT buses. There are also incidences of complaints left on forums as well as Stomp. (see list below)

Latest from yesterday was the heart wrenching killing of a 90 year old man. The carnage was so bad that even some alternative sites felt it was too distasteful to publish.


The incident begs many questions.

  • Why doesn’t SMRT have a published record of accidents? (If there is, someone please inform us because we can’t find any online)
  • What kind of training and standards does the company maintain for its workers?
  • Are the workers treated well? Are they paid, rested and receiving proper compensation and counselling? Just like pilots, a mentally distressed or disgruntled driver can potentially wreck havoc on the community.
  • What are their hiring standards for new drivers? Or do they just take anyone who comes along because of tighter foreign worker quotas?

While the company undergoes massive upgrading for their hardware, I really do hope that they pay attention to the heartware as well. This chain of incidents is beginning to leave me troubled.

I urge the SMRT to be more transparent with information and to work very closely with human resource experts, unions and road safety professionals on this matter.


List of accidents by SMRT between 2013 and 2014:

1. 90 year old killed by SMRT bus

2. SMRT bus flipped killing 19 yr old

3. SMRT bus caught drifting on camera

4. SMRT bus knocks down boy, 9, at Woodlands junction

5. SMRT bus collides into lorry at Teck Whye

 Stomp anecdotes:

1. SMRT bus breaks down at Clementi, but bus captain nowhere in sight
STOMPer Road Watch noticed that an SMRT bus had collided into a lorry at Teck Whye Avenue yesterday (May 18), at around 4pm. Two passengers sitting in the lorry were injured. 

2. A STOMPer noticed that a bus broke down near a bus stop at Clementi on May 13. But the bus captain had left the headlights on instead of the hazard lights, had not displayed the orange triangle sign, and was nowhere to be found.

3. Smoke and red liquid seen from bus that broke down at Choa Chu Kang
STOMPer Jh spotted smoke coming out of the engine of a bus that broke down at Choa Chu Kang yesterday (May 18), at about 7pm. Red liquid also flowed out of the back of the vehicle.







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